To Paint (and Write) is To Love Again

4 Jan. 2018

To Paint is to Love Again is a famous book by Henry Miller, an American writer and artist. I haven’t read the book (I should… someday), just a blog post dedicated to said book.

I used to write—news or press releases, that is—but haven’t really thought of blogging, until now. Journalism is my background and I didn’t have any creative writing experience in my former profession, at least. The thought of blogging had not really crossed my mind until I decided to refrain from too much use of and exposure to social media, particularly Facebook. As a New Year’s resolution, spending me-time in 2018 (and beyond, I hope) shall focus more on creative work like painting, illustrating/drawing, and writing.

The Happy Hobbyist is a blog dedicated to all creative activities I’ve done since 2015 as well as those in the works. Expect to read my experiences in creating artworks, any difficulties or problems encountered and the solutions (or lack thereof) I’ve made, and lessons learned from making those projects (not necessarily paid, can also include hobbies because, after all, I’m a happy hobbyist). Any tips I’ve learned from experience or I’ve encountered from articles I’ve read or from art classes I’m taking online, shall also be shared here. This can be considered as a hobbyist’s diary, although I can’t commit to posting every day. Join me in my struggles and successes in this journey to developing my art.

And so, to reword Miller’s book title to connect to my 2018 resolution, to paint and write is to love again. The new year has brought me new creative aspirations. Like a person who has found new love, I’ve found hobbies to love and keep. Happy New Year! Happy new me!