Drawing Pad… Writing Pad…

14 Jan. 2018

Blogging again after 10 long days, I still need to get used to writing a journal. It’s not easy I might say, but if I want to share with the world all about my creative pursuits, this is the way to go.

I began 2018 with joining online classes on a learning platform offering courses on arts, business, tech subjects, and many more. So far I’m quite enjoying the classes I’m enrolled in, mostly arts and creative writing. Have I mentioned that one of the projects I would like to accomplish this year is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by yours truly? It could be a bit ambitious but I’m positive it’s doable. Drawing at least four times a week and painting at least once a week besides working on the story for the picture book are some of my weekly targets. To be honest, I haven’t delivered anything yet as far as painting is concerned. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, however, to start painting or most probably do watercolor illustrations this coming week. Next week I will also post my sketches, as part of a project on an online class called sketching female portraits in pencil. I’m taking the course to learn more on developing characters for my picture book project and on doing portraits.

Some of my free time is spent sketching but most of it I devote to writing. I just realized that I’ve used the same pad of paper in both activities. My drawing pad has also become my writing pad. Because my kids also use our PC during those times they like to watch kiddie programs on the Internet, I’m left to the old-school way of writing. I don’t have a laptop and I don’t need one, at least for now. Encoding part of the story in the PC is done in the evening as soon as the kids are already in bed. During which I write some more and edit before I go to bed.

Besides my portrait sketches, expect to see some of my watercolor illustrations in my next post. I’ll also share the painting/drawing process used in creating them. Have a fine week ahead!